Cathleen Lynn Boyle


A Forever Story

In Memory of My Beloved Daughter, Skylar Lynn Boyle Ringland


"Fifteen years ago on Easter Sunday, I learned from a stranger's voice at a hospital emergency room on the west coast where my daughter was attending college, she was dead-on-arrival from GHB poisoning."

A Forever Story is based on real events but written as fiction to protect the identities of those involved. To date, the case remains a San Francisco cold case.


Praise for A Forever Story:

“Goosebumps ran up and down my arms when I held it in my hands… I know God had to supply you with lots of grace while writing it. You did it so well! You are indeed a writer that brings character's to life.” 

— Margot Kennedy

“Totally enthralled! BRAVO! What an ACCOMPLISHMENT!! You did an extraordinary job writing this book. Very believable, VERY HEALING. Movie!!!” 

— Julie Wall

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