Book Candy Advertising helps authors with today’s key book promotion challenges: expanding your author brand, reaching new readers, and driving book sales.

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Book Candy Advertising

"You'd be nuts not to include Book Candy in any book marketing campaign."

Chris Babu

Author of The Initiation Series

Reach New Readers

Let Book Candy Advertising Help You

Our video ads target new potential readers via YouTube and the Google Display Network, essentially combining the audiences of the two biggest search engines on the web.

Once we've refined your target audience via Youtube ads, we'll remarket your book via the Google Display Network. Repeated exposure to your book helps drive book sales.

Drive Book Sales

Build Your Author Brand

Our ads include a customizable click-through link, which can also drive traffic to your website or direct readers to a specific landing page with a special offer or retailer links.

"Book Candy Advertising is a great way to reach readers beyond Facebook!"

Siobhan Davis

USA Today Bestselling Author

Video Ad Creation

After the initial kick-off call, we'll create an eye-catching teaser trailer for your book. Our Book Candy trailers are specifically optimized for video ads and mobile.

Our Google and YouTube video ad experts will optimize your ongoing campaign, adjusting audience targeting, cost-per-view bids, and ad copy as needed for the best results.

Campaign Optimization

Analytics Performance Dashboard

Track the progress of your campaign via a personalized dashboard, structured around three key points: geographic location, audience demographics, and device/platforms.

Trailer Example:

We Take Care of Everything

Ad Example:

"Book Candy has tripled the visibility of my author brand and boosted my book sales. Every author should have Book Candy Advertising in their portfolio."

S.B. Alexander

Amazon Bestselling Author

Harness the power of video ads to reach new readers via Youtube and Google.

Book Candy Advertising includes a video trailer and ad campaign to get you started.

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